Welcome to the world of the Small Spaces!

Where less is more and the details are the design.


My name is Minerva and I am a Spanish architect whose curiosity brought her to London. To keep broading my design horizonts, or that’s what I though back then. In reality I just felt stuck back home, and moving out was defenitvely a way for me to keep moving on.

I was lucky enough (and good enough) to find a job as an architect on my first months here. And is a good job, but we design way too serious stuff (oh, the joys of basement waterproofing!)

So, because this city is way too inspiring (I fell in love with the floor tiles on my first week here, got more than a hundrer of them on my Instagram), and I like to talk about design way too much, this blog was born. That, and the only places I can afford in zone 2 are not really that big, so I am exercicing my organization skills to new, unknown territories. And more often than not you have to use your imagination and get creative.Some not design related facts about my person:

  • Shortsighted. But I love my red glasses.
  • Commute time is usually Reading time (Currently Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale)
  • I am over 30 and learning to cycle on the weekends.
  • One of the things I miss the most is my dog. Because she doesn’t know how to Skype!
  • Proud Whovian (I dare you to spot how many times the Tardis make’s it into the blog´s photographs!)
  • Queen of Logistics (my coordination spreadsheets have international fame)
  • I could live out of the four C’s: Coffe, Chocolat, Cider and Cheese
  • Concert and theater goer. Because the day I become tired of London, I would be tired of life