Running For Beginners 5k

I run this body

And sports bras are one of the best invention ever. Seriously, I use mine from Sweaty Betty as a regular one.


But back to the main point: Running.

I am bringing this up because today (beginning of June) I just run 12km for the first time. And it was great! And my knees are going to hate me tomorrow. But, I really want to run proper 10k before summer it’s over, now that I know that I can run then I need to improve my time!

regents park 10k race route

Good for you, you would say. But the thing is that a year ago the maximum exercise I did was walking 50 minutes into town. And I thought that I would never be able to properly exercise and get fit, but at least I was trying with walking.

But then I got a job much closer to home (as in no commute closeT) and suddenly I had way to much free time in the evenings. It was the beginning of October, and I had been eating healthier since last summer and that was showing on my fitness level. So, after the mandatory google research, I found out this running plan to get to run 5k in 3 months starting from scratch.

Every journey starts with a first step…

I mean, the first days of the training plan seemed easy enough, but holy sh***, the first morning I did it I could barely manage running for a minute! But I made it. And every day after that I kept improving Well, there was the occasional set back when you walk more than you should or just cut it short, but the important bit it’s that you actually got your gear on and went out for a run!)


And the thing is that I run my first Parkrun (5k timed races run by volunteers, check it out!) in January, and managed to finish it!


And for me, it’s not about actually being the best, it’s about challenging myself. I was the only one stopping myself getting fit. Then there is also the mental part. I actually call running ‘filling time’, and the best runs are the ones were I go over my work issues in my mind and I just forget about the running itself. It really helps me unwind from work both physically and mentally (Yes, I did go from a size 20 to a size 10 in 9 months. That’s to say, from being waaay overweight to being within my healthy weight range)

running t shirts

Another great thing about running, it’s that it’s free! Well, in the beginning the weather was still good so I would run with some leggings and cotton t-shirts. But then the weather started getting colder and I had to get some proper running tights and a reflective vest to run in the dark. Even had to get new running shoes for when the snow and the ice made an appearance this last winter. And if you go to some place like Sport Direct their in house brands area very good value and really affordable. Although my fav running t-shirt it´s the unicorns one. From Primark kids section. It cannot get that  much cheaper!

Now, in case you are curious and want to give this a try, this is the program I followed (translated from the Spanish website I found it into)


running plan beginners

Also, I found writing down when and How much I run a great way to keep myself motivated. And of course I created a customized layout for my planner! (Coming soon to the shop the 2018/2019 version)


Oooh, and by the way, the ‘I run this body’ it´s not mine, I borrowed it from Dorothy Beal, a marathon runner that it’s all about body positivism and how you are a runner the moment you think you are! Not because of how you look or what you wear (also very big on the being more kind toward one self)


In the end,

running it’s not only about how much your body can take,

but also,

how far your mind can take you!

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