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Marimekko, Feminism done right


Summer it’s almost here!

Kinda. Because this is London and we don’t really get weather here.


But, Summer has always motivated me to add some colour into my wardrobe. And after some personal size changes, I had to hit the shops for work clothes that would fit properly. I was kind of resisting it, because money, when I came across Marimekko collection for Uniqlo, and I had to resist the temptation of just getting everything!

In the end, and after much trying and evaluating how the pieces would fit on my wider wardrobe, I chose a pair of trousers and 2 T-Shirts. Guess which one gets complimented everytime I wear it?


Yep, the colourfull one. The print it´s called Tilkkutäkki (it means patchwork quilt), although the one I wear the most it´s the Polle (Horse) one. That I thought were polka dots but in really represent ‘the round hoof prints left by a plump small pony. How cute it´s that?

Also, I got this like a month ago. Since then some items have gone into sale already… I am really resisting the urge to get that tote bag!

Much more than bold prints

I liked Marimekko even before I knew anything about scandinavian design. Or pattern design. Or design, in general. And that was only because I liked their designs, but then I learned about the feminist history behind the brand and fell in love all over again!

Not only it´s a company founded and directed by women but also they were on the first ‘lifestyle’ brands (a concept that you come across quite frequently these days, but not so much in the 60’s). They employ multitude of designers, every one of them with their particular style. But, the intention behind the prints are always the same, so it doesn’t matter if their particular style is geometric or organic, static or dynamic, grey or colourful… The message of simplicity it´s behind all of them. And you can recognize them as Marimekko´s not matter how different they are!

And this collaborative philosophy it´s something that comes straight out of their woman lead structure, and it reflects something that it´s generally true: even if we want to succeed as much as our male counterparts, we usually think more about the lines of working together than competing against each other.

Further reading

I am not going to give yo a history lesson, but if you want to learn more about this amazing company found this articles from The Guardian and The New Yorker really interesting

And by the way, when I get my own place I am getting myself a feature wall (see first image on the post), and marimekko’s design are a strong contender! (Even if now I got the samples just to added some patterns to my work wall…)


And yes, of course I got a Pinterest board with all of this and more! Head over to have a look over all their wonderful pattern and different ways of using them. Come and Pin!



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