1812 On Taking A Break

On the importance of taking a break

(Disclamer: Aparently I took my advice a little too seriously, because this has been sitting on on my draft folder for almost 2 weeks!)

London it´s going through a heatwave (It was, then the winter came back, and we are now headed towards a second heatwave for the Early May bank holidy, yay!), which means that I am taking all my lunches outside. Because sunshine.

And this has gotten me thinking on how taking my lunch hour to just step away from the screen actually improves my productivity. I mean, going for a walk it´s great, mostly on the days when I keep crazy hours and cannot run after work…

But this is about just stooping every now and then to appreciate the present.

I have a tendency to obsess over my mistakes and over worry about what it´s coming next. Let´s say, I have to make a conscious effort to let go… and breathe.

It might sound like meditation, and it kind of its?

Actually, I am trying out an app to meditate at lunch breaks. I heard about it on my Yoga class, it´s called Headspace. I have just started, for the moment it´s really cute and the introduction kind of reminded me to Yoga. Let´s do one thing (because I am great at starting things, but no so great to just keep doing them!), I pledge myself to use the app for a month, and I would report back to you on my progress after that.

(Yes, I am using the blog to keep myself accountable, how it´s that?)


Because I also have the tendency of getting too focused on the goal and just ignoring everything else. Even my own body. Until the moment it gives up and I have to spend the whole weekend doing what my Mom has named ‘the croquette’: binge watching Netflix in bed. Because both my body and my head are so tired that ‘doing the croquette’ it’s just one step up from sleeping the weekend away. And that it´s not good (at least if it happens regularly and not only every couple of months)

So, in the words of the great Frank Turner:

Get up,

get out,

go outside.


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