Favourite Talk Shows

My top 4+1 favourite Talk Shows

I am going to let you into a really big secret: I am not a morning person. As in ´Do not talk to me until I have been moving around the house for half an hour and have drank half of my green tea¨

This means, because my brain is not really up to thinking, that a big chunk of my mornings go on autopilot: get up, go to the bathroom, make breakfast, grab lunch from the fridge (Oh, the joys of meal planning! More on that next wee) aaaand watch the latest Stephen Colbert episode on YouTube.

How do you get to watch Late Night Shows in the morning?

Back in Spain, I used to read fanfics or catch up on my favourite English spoken TV shows to practice the language. And because I am a big syfi & fantasy geek. But, once I moved to London and got introduced to the wonderful world of the Hour Long Commute, my mornings at home got shorter (and I took up reading on the train). So, not enough time to watch a full episode. But, on youtube many Talk shows post the initial monologues and interview clips. And, let´s be honest, I trust them to give me more accurate information about the New of the World than any other major news program.

And the morning bit it´s because actually I am kind of a nocturnal person, as I get my creativity flowing at night, and the days I had manage to leave work early enough for a run would probably see me at 2 in the morning scheduling my Instagram posts for the month.

Back to the Talk Shows, please…

  1. The Late Show with Stephen Colbert: I don´t know why, but I just find him extremely endearing. Maybe it´s because of how he makes fun of Trump. Or how he makes fun of being a Catholic. Or how proud he is of being a Tolkien geek. I have been known to spit out my tea whilst listening to the ‘Big Furry Hat’ segment

2. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Actually the first non-Spanish show I got hooked into. A friend of mine forwarded me the link to the ‘Death Penalty’ Episode and I was hooked. Yep, he is that good for you to want to come back for more after an hour of seriously discussing really hard topics. Also, John Oliver it´s a Brit living in the States, so he also bring this whole ‘outsider’ vibe whit which I identify on a double scale, as an Spanish but also as someone that it´s starting to get British Culture. And Tiny Hamsters eating Tiny Burritos.

3. The Ellen Degeneres Show: Because Bic Pen for Women.

4. The Graham Northon Show: Well I do live in the UK, although I did not get the whole multiple guest at the same time thing. Then I watched the XMEn interview, and relaized Holy S*** they are getting really drunk and got hooked. I ma trying to get tickets to go as public, but, as you can guess, they are not easy to get! (They are free, but the waiting list it´s quite long apparently)

5. La Resistencia: Yup, a Spanish one! To keep up to date with the real news back home I follow a news podcast. But, to keep up with the gossip and the funny bits, La Resistencia (The Uprising) it´the best. David Broncano, the host, started with a weekly section on another Talk Show I watched, and  to be honest as of late it was the only one I found interesting. So, when I found out they have given him his own program, I did not hesitate to ditch the previous one an move to La Resistencia. He has this kind of absurd, honest humour, that you either love or hate. As you can guess, I tend towards the first. Only watch if you really understand Spanish, because sometimes not even native speakers can get what he really means!


And all of them are readily available on YouTube. For free!

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