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How to fly like a pro (Plus a Free Travel Planner)

Believe or not, on of the things that was on the PROS list when considering the move to London was the direct flights home. And, oh boy, have I not taking flights this last 2 years.

As you can imagine, I have gotten pretty good at the whole thing, not only on the ‘getting ready’ but also on the ‘flighting’ part.

And because I love list making, and my Clipbook Planner, I have gotten into designing my own planning layouts. This is the one I came up with as a checklist for my ‘going away’ trips!

planner layout flight free download

Go ahead, you can download it and print it if you want! Or get the JPEG and import it into your tablet.Just click on the image below!

Just enter your name and email, hit the download button, and this lovely planner would be yours!

In addition to the Flight Info + Accommodation parts, and the obvious Checklist (boarding pass, passport, money, keys, phone, charger… That checklist, by the way, are the things that you should always have on your carry bag!), I have added a ‘Before Leaving’ and a ‘Once There’ sections. Because usually there is always stuff I want to get to take home (Hello Blue Stilton!) and then people I want to meet or things I have to do there. Like going back to Uni to pick up my Master’s Degree (only took me a couple of years to get around doing that!)

Flighting tips

  1. Take an empty water bottle, and fill it up once you have passed the control.

    You cannot get liquids pass security, but you can bring whatever you get on the ditty free on board… Or water from the drinking fountains you would find on the airport waiting area. Yup, they kind of have to give you water free, because hydration and all that. So, remember to bring your water bottle, might I be a fancy one (I got mine at Morrisons) or a really cheap one from Tesco, and just make sure it´s empty before going through security!

  2. Have your electronics at hand.

    Talking about passing security, don´t bury your laptop at the bottom of your suitcase! In my case, I usually don´t check in my luggage (the joys of having PJ and toiletries at my mother´s place), so I usually get my laptop in my big flyign tote bag so I don’t´have to waste time getting it in an out. Also, don´t wait until you are at the tray area, start getting everything out in the queue!

  3. And after passing the control, take your tray away to one of the tables…

    Please, don´t star picking everything while your tray is still in the moving band. Because until you take it out, other peoples trays cannot come in. Also, once you have everything make sure that your tray it´s on the empty pile!

  4. You can get food through security!

    I did not know it until I saw a girl actually eating a sandwich an putting half of it away before going though the control. It´s only the liquids what are a security concern. At least in EU flights, I have been know to pack a sandwich from home. If you don have time (or do not fancy a sandwich) you can always grab something on one of the many eating areas (or a meal deal from Boots) and have it on the plane!

  5. Chewing gum.

    Really help with the changes of pressure

  6. After landing, just chill and wait seated until its your row’s turn to exit.

    This is the kind of situation where you getting up and having to stand up with your neck cranked for 10 minutes it´s not going to make people move faster!

planner layout travelling flight


If you have not guessed it by this post, I am going home to Galicia for Easter. What have you planed for the break?

Tell us on the comments!

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