1803 Theater Going Hamilton

Theatre going: Hamilton

(Warning: This post might contain spoiler for Hamilton: An American Musical)

Talking about time

While I was writing the last blog post, I could not get Hamilton´s song Non-Stop

”Why do you write like you are running out of time”


What are you talking about, what’s Hamilton?

If you don´t know what I am talking about, I am bout to change your life

Hamilton it´s a musical by Lin Manuel Miranda telling the story of Alexander Hamilton, one of the less known America´s founder fathers. History time it´s over. Now go to youtube and check their performance on 2017 Tony Awards


Which it´s my favourite number. After Andrew Randall I Believe from Book of Mormon

And Every Neal Patrik Harris Opening. That man should be the only one allowed to present them!

The reason(s) I bring this up it´s because (in adition because I love it!) it´s because Hamilton just landed in London and I was lucky enough to land a ticket for this past New Years day. And it was amazing. And I cried, like a lot. And I believe that everybody that understands english should go and watch it.

Darn, my eyes are getting misty as I speak!

It has just too many amazing moments (the place goes wild with the ‘Inmigrants, we get the job done!’). One of my favourite interner videos was when the presented it on the White House to the Obamas, but seeing it live made me apprciate other parts that I had overlooked while listening to it on Spotify. One of the biggest surprises where King George monologoes: So funny! And more being a UK audience and all that.

You just have to watch Lin Manuel presenting the first song at the White House poetry jam. All by himself and just a piano, the amount of emotion he’s able to transmit all by himself it´s amazin!

And The Schuyler sisters… ‘I hold this truths to be self evident that all men are created equal… And when I see Thomas Jefferson I am gonna compel him to include women in the sequel! Work!’

You wanna go? Good, but let me tell you…

Tickets are not that easy to come by. I managed to get mine last November when the second booking period opened (the theater was getting refurbished, the opening date got delayed, lost of tickets had to get new dates, but in the end they did release additional ticktes). I had my twitter alerts on, and on the day they went on sale I told the office I was not to be disturb until I got my hands on a ticket!

And, as you can see on the header, I literally went there and got the T-Shirt!

These days, you can either get one of the cheaper ones (37.50£) for Mid November time, or get a Premium Seat for 200£.

Right, or you can try the lottery. Or day/return tickets. Personally, I am going with the Lottery, but that´s because I have already watched it! I got a tickect on the medium price band, and it was worth every penny!

hamilton musical lottery london

Bonus Points: If not, there are plenty of shows with more availibility and better prices. Book of Mormon it´s incredible funny! And Kinky Boots its on my watch list

For affordable thaetre tickets I use TodayTix. And hey, if you want 10£ out of your first ticket you can always use my referal code: TUIKJ (Full disclosure, I would get 10£ off on my next ticket. Being an adult sometimes it´s not fun and I had to limit my budget for Theater)

todaytix london theater

(Not sponsored content at all! It´s the app that allowed me to catch Andrew Scott as Hamlet on one of the Best Performances Ever! – Also, when did Moriarty get so hot? By the way, Hamlet will air on Saturday 31st March, on BBC Two, from 9pm – 12:15am!)

Let’s Recap

  • Hamilton it´s amazing, you should defintly try to get tickets for it! If you are London Based, the Lottery it´s a good option
  • If not Hamilton, there are plenty of amazing Theater Shows in the city, and with apps like Today Tix you can get tickects at really good prices. (Prom Code: TUIKJ for a 10£ discount)
  • If you want to know a bit more about London Theater Scene, dont miss the Oliver Awards in a couple of weeks. And you should binge watch all Neil Patrick Harris Tony Awards numbers on Youtube!

Have you recently catched a West End show? Was it any good? Let me know in the comments!

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