Searching For Time

Searching for Time (& Blog Spring Cleaning)


It just goes way too fast.

And you think you know what you want to do, but before you realize it you end doing something kind of different.

You Dream, you Plan, but when it comes to Doing… life has other ideas

I started this blog because I love patterns (and pattern design)

But as it turns out I don´t love it as much as I love Architecture. And management. And being helpful.

But, where have you been?

Almost 6 months ago I started a new architectural job, and I am now working in a big, amazing project, that has made me want to keep pursuit my architectural career. Believe, there has been times in the past when I really questioned if I was ever going to be able to make it.

But, being good at my job really takes a lot of time. And I can really use some distraction to top thinking about it. That, and I had a kind of health scare (everything it´s OK!) But it took a bunch of tests and changing of eating habits to get me back to a healthy weight. And taking up running and yoga to help with work related stress management.

So, I work a lot, keep studding to progress my career, exercise 3-4 times a week, pack lunch everyday, go to the theatre, meet with friends… and write a blog.

How do you do it?

Well, obviously not very well at the moment.

I feel I was trying too hard to make the Surface Pattern Theme work. Because I had an idea of what I wanted this to be. But it was not me. And if I want to keep my lifestyle and my writing… something has to change.

And, actually, blogs (and podcasts) have been a huge help with all the changes I have made this last few months!

Bottom, expect shorter posts, with a turn into the lifestyle category, with lots of reviewing and commenting on other people work (some really amazing people out there!)… Because I don´t have time for additional research or content creation, only to tell you about the bits I actually do everyday!

(Hopefully) See you around!

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