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New Designers 2017: Part 2

(Note to self: Next year try to go two days to each part!)

Part 2 did not disappoint. From illustration to furniture design, this is just a small highlight of all the designs I got to see there. Enjoy!

The Spectacle Troupe

You have to give it to them, this guys know how to put up a show! With a pop-up  inspired stand, you had to do a double take and remind yourself that this guys had just graduated (A couple of times they were mistaken for a professional studio)

The Spectacle installation was inspired by the travelling circus idea. As Joshua was kind enough to talk to me for a while about the show, he told me how it was all them (see list below), from the original concept and securing the funding to the actual build and installation of the show. It is not only about having an idea, is about having the necessary tools to see it done!

Lauren Poole: Social Media, Communications, Editorial

Dominik Pearce: Editorial design, Photography

Laura Martins: Creative Director, Social Media

Joshua Williams: 3D Design, Brand Enviroment

Robin Pringle: Fundraising, Finance, Copywriting

CJ Cawley: Lead designer, Web design, Animation

Leah Case: Editorial Design, Brand Enviroment



If life gives you demons, make a mural

The work of Hanna Kas (aka Payasa Illustration), really got me. At first sight, I jus liked the composition and the pops of yellow, but then I took a closer look. This is the tale of the Syrian refugees fleeing from the war, and of the perils of the journey and the different reactions they got (imagine being greeted by paparazzi at the border!) when arriving to Europe.

It is beautiful, but the more you look at it the more uncomfortable it makes you. And I really want a copy for my wall!

payasa illustration ink paper refugee mural

Don´t be afraid of colour

Me: ‘I think I have seen this somewhere else’

Benjamin: ‘Maybe in front of the ticket?’

Well, I kind of walked into that one (one of Benjamin Craven prints has been chosen by the organization as part of the projets featured on the website)

The more I look at them, the more I want one of his totes. And because my quest for a plant pot continues, this are a serious contender. And that stoll would go great by the flat’s main entrance… I have to stop looking at stuff1 (Bills to pay and all that)


Seriously, go follow him on instagram for updates on the stuff he is doing. He just finished a big commission, a kitchen mural. I wonder if he would ever design some tiles…

Mixed Media

From papercraft goods to furniture design, this selection just reflects my obsession with walls, plants and workspaces.

Crafty Cuteness

And this is literally the last thing I had a look at before heading out. Is not secret that I like cute things. What you may not know is that small sewing (and knitting) projects are amongst my favourite pastimes (I like to have my hands busy, even when watching Netflix)

Odile Stabon is the designer behind this starter sewing kit. You can either gift the whole kit or could hand sew it yourself. She has thought of every little detail, I really hope to see this on stores soon enough!

odile stabon sewing products craft stationery


It has being a quite intense 2 weeks (even if I only went a couple of times, New Designers has taken up most of my free time lately), and not only have I found out about some very talented designers, but also had the opportunity to met really interesting people with the potential of quite interesting future collaborations.

I will defenitly be going back next year!

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