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LondonPatterns: It all began with floor tiles

It was in during my first weeks in London when LondonPatterns started to take form.

Shortly after arriving I begun to notice the victorian tiling on the front doors. And the shops. And the pubs. Before I knew it, I was crossing streets to take pictures of tiled floors for my own files.

At that time I already knew about the #ihavethisthing hastag on Instagram (I do spent a fair amount of time looking at architecture profiles). The next logical step was sharign them on my Instagram, and soon after that I decided to create an account only for them.

And I started to research into the world of the surface pattern design (Who would have known that that was a design field!), and textile design, and then you decide to dust off all the tile designs you did for a proyect 4 years ago… And it all comes together, and suddenly they are not just pretty pictures from floors, and you find yourself developing a whole new project that still has a relasionship with patterns, but in a different way.

That year of picture taking has taugh me quite a few things, and more often than not I use the tiles as an excuse to discover new places. I will keep sharing theme on my instagram under @thispatternlife, but for now I am leaaving here some of my favourites and a map with the location of all the London Tiles I have shared until know

Black & White

london floor tiles black white

They are really classy, but they can also be quite fun. The one on the left is one of my favourite ones, whilst the one of the left was actually the first floor pic I took and one of the most reproduced tile patterns around London. Second from the left belogs to the Tate Britain, and I found the third one one Sunday walking around Fitzroy Square.

Victoria and Albert Museum

london floor tiles victoria and albert museum

The Holy Grial of the mosaic floors. Not only is the permanent collection of the V&A amazing, their temporal exhibits never dissapoint and the building itself its quite interesting. There is just way to many thing I like about this place, its amazing floors is just an added bonus. I go to visit every couple of months and every time I am still finding new tiles to capture. The first one on the left even got featured on the Time Out Magazine (shame I did not get a copy of that one!)


I was quite surprised by the amount of pubs and houses that had their name by the floor. There is also not two that look the same. Shout out to the one on the right, from the Fopp Shop on Covent Garden, even if  I am not sure if is that representing paint, blood or ketchup?

Colour Palettes

From Chiswick to Putnet passing by Gower Street, you can find red tiles everywhere in London. I just started recently to notice the Red-Black-Yellow palette, and it seem sthe I have colleted quite a few of them.

Tavistock Place

Of international fame thanks to Sebastian Erras (@parisianfloors). Don´t know what I am talking about? Go check the links and the Pixartprinting website. I can wait. Just, come back to finish reading this post, pretty please?

Thanks fr coming back! I know is not as pretty as the Pixartprinting map, but all of my floors are on public spaces (I am still working up the nerve to go into the Bibendum. I will get there. Eventually).

As of June of 2017, when I first wrote this post, I had 94 pictures uploaded to my Tile Map (There are more on my Instagram, but there I have been sharing tiles from my hometown in northen Spain and from my trips to Edimbrugh nd Winchester too). I expect to hit the 100 before the end of the summer, and I am working in something to conmemorate the occasion.

I will keep you posted.


Are you also a floor lover? I am alvoys on the look out for fellow pattern addicts, is you share your pics on the internet leave the address on the comment section and I would love to go have a look at your tiles!

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  1. Waiting to arrive in Shanghai to start making pics of all kinds of floors…. I love floor patterns and palettes, and love to have pics of all of them!
    I love your ig profile….

    1. Thank you! It means a lot coming from you (I just looove your dolls, shame I don’t knit to follow one of your knitting challenges…) A Chinese friend of mine told me that IG actually works over there (at least hers gets updated form time to time), I am so looking forward to see what you get up to over there!

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